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Top Sales Performers Want the Right Tools

Using CRM is an integral part of your day-to-day business especially if your CRM is connected with your ERP. While you still may struggle with some users to adopt the process, we find Top Sales Performers want to be armed with tools that works and a process that's efficient.

Today, the “role” of sales is changing. Customers are shifting how they buy, limiting on-site sales meetings and changing what they expect from the sales organization. Ty Swain, CEO of Growth Dynamics, a global sales team analysis and selection company, noted, “As we evolve through this Pandemic, customers will change what they expect from your sales team… they will seek increased “digital” access to your people, products, services, and pricing. Your sales team will need to be armed with tools like CRM to manage prospects, support customer activity, or simply track accounts.” 

Additionally, establishing a “picture” of top performance in sales that defines the sales team structure, reward structures, performance metrics, and even leadership expectations will help you select, develop, and lead the “right” sales team.

For the future, what will top performance in the role of sales require? To answer that, sales leadership will need to look strategically at their company’s business goals, marketplace, sales force structure, competitive landscape, and future growth plans. This includes working to define your sales process, rewards structure, performance metrics, leadership expectations, and even territory alignment as it relates to team performance. Swain notes, “When Growth Dynamics guides leadership through this process, the picture of top performance is established that is specific for the role of sales at their company.”  

Swain also believes that once you define top performance, you can define a strategic, effective sales process for your team. This can then be integrated into all areas of the business, CRM being one of the most important. Having tools, like CRM, also helps the sales team and sales leadership stay accountable and focused on customer and prospect efforts.

Top sales performers expect accountability and the best tools for the job. They need to have tools that align with a clear, well-defined sales process and provide ease of use, access to company data, and multiple points of access.  When you utilize a CRM to advance leads through to opportunities and then to quotes and orders, it's a smooth efficient process. Sales teams also appreciate the syncing of data from multiple sources, such as ERP. When you arm your sales team with right customer data, and tracking modules…  it leads to sales being closed faster at a higher value.

So ask yourself, do you know what your sales team needs to become top performers for your company? Are you ready to equip them with the tools to remove roadblocks and foster a high performing sales environment?

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