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ClientMAX® Customer Intelligence Survey Program... A Powerful Sales Solution

GDI ClientMAX banner logoIn today’s ever-changing and competitive marketplace, understanding what customers want and expect from your company is critical to assuring customer retention, increased sales and new business development. As companies in every industry struggle with increased competition and market pressures to do more with less... getting the “voice” of your customer will arm your salesforce for success.

GDI knows that the only way to increase sales, grow existing accounts and retain customers is to understand why, what and how customers buy, the products and services they seek, and how to support and retain them in today’s competitive marketplace. That’s ClientMAX®!

The ClientMAX® Customer Intelligence program is a leading-edge, customer diagnostics survey designed specifically around your business to assess customer’s expectations and define solutions that support customer retention, sales force optimization, and new business development. It is sales and marketing-lead-generation-tool-in-one that captures customer’s real expectations, assesses critical business issues, and generates new business opportunities.

“We needed to know customer’s expectations, why they buy, and what they seek in the future... ClientMax® also generated new business and defined customers' real expectations... and our sales prove it."

Randy Koorsen, CEO of Koorsen Fire & Security.

Maximizing Sales with ClientMAX®?

Today, sales leadership needs better ways to drive sales force performance, account saturation and new business development... especially from existing customers or even past accounts. That’s ClientMAX®.

ClientMAX® is not a customer satisfaction survey, it is a customer intelligence program designed to give customers a “voice” to measure critical business issues such as your products, services, pricing, delivery or even sales force performance. To develop the best possible results, GDI works with your leadership team to define the most critical topics and issues to be assessed, while also developing a targeted marketing campaign that engages customers around your products, services and request to offer their “voice”.

The result is an advanced sales and marketing tool designed specifically around your business to help you:

  • Measure your product/service offerings, customer support, shipping or even pricing
  • Assess sales team effectiveness
  • Define new business opportunities / mine existing accounts
  • Generate new contacts & decision makers
  • Gain competitive intelligence
  • Future product and service recommendations
  • Mine existing accounts or even past customers to regain their business
  • And much more...

How ClientMAX® Works

people in a meeting ClientMAX

Growth Dynamics works closely with your sales, marketing and leadership teams to define the most critical customer issues, sales performance challenges, and future goals and expectations.  The result is a company-aligned customer intelligence survey that assesses all the topics that will shape and support the direction of your business, while also promoting your business, products and services to current, new and past customers. 

GDI experts will develop, facilitate and implement a targeted campaign to market your ClientMAX® program to customers through various channels, and manage the release of ClientMAX® to assure high response rates generally exceeding 60-70%.

What Makes ClientMAX® Unique?

What truly separates ClientMAX® is our targeted marketing campaign that educates and informs  customer’s about the program in advance, while effectively branding your company, products and services to engage current or even past customers. This unique process motivates customers’ interests, attracts new contacts, and even generates new leads and business opportunities.

Leadership Trends & Recommendations

The ClientMAX® Executive Management Report summarizes all results, recommendations, customer comments and recommendations into one report.  No massive data, graphs and numbers to review, GDI analysts make it easy to quickly assess customer’s needs and expectations and solutions with fact-based data to improve sales force effectiveness, customer retention and increased sales.

How Do I Get Started?

Post-it note contact usIf you are a leader seeking world-class solutions that help you select, develop and retain top performers, please Contact Us for more information or call a GDI Representative at (877) 434-2677.