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Sales Force Transformation

Ask any sales professional today if customers have changed how they buy and you will hear a resounding yes! Why is it then that that the sales team has not changed how they sell?

Achieving Sales Force Transformation

Today, many sales organizations are comprised of long-standing sales professionals struggling to adapt to increased competition, market changes and a more complex sales environment.
Most often, they want to improve… they just don’t know how. And, sometimes the sales leadership team is unsure how to lead them in the right direction to get increased performance.

Engaging the Sales Team

The key to helping a sales team change, shift, or “transform” their efforts to sell requires more than talk, it requires having a clear definition and understanding of what defines Top Performance in the role so the team can understand how their role has changed or shifted, allowing them to align or transform their time, efforts and skills to focus in the right areas.

GDI can also assess the sales team’s focus, motivation, skills and even fit to the role to arm sales leadership with recommendations, solutions and tools to develop the team, set targeted goals for accountability, and drive performance improvement.

At GDI, we call this Sales Force Transformation... the process of evolving the sales team to change how they do their job, where they focus their time, and what they must do to succeed in the future.

Sales Team Transformation – How We Do It?

Growth Dynamics works with your leadership to learn about your company, markets, competition, and even challenges the sales team faces. We assess and analyze your business goals, plans for the future and how your company defines success, establishing a strong understanding of your business and sales organization.

We also assess and measure how your sales organization sees their position, where they focus their time and effort, and what challenges they face. We can also asses their skills, motivation and attributes to define why top performers succeed and other struggle in their role... as well as define how the role of sales has changed.

The Result… An engaging, powerful, sales-focused process that looks at the role of sales and helps your team to adapt, embrace and change how they perform…transforming the sales team’s efforts for performance and success.

How Do I Get Started?

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