Growth Dynamics provides proven sales performance solutions that help you select, develop and retain an effective sales organization that fits your company and customers.

Benchmarking Top Performance

“We needed a comprehensive program to effectively recruit, interview and hire the right top performers who fit our culture and complex sales environment... GDI also helped us assess our current team’s strengths to transform how they see and perform in their role. A great success!”

Vice President of Sales
L.S. Starrett Company

Benchmarking Top Performance in Sales

Today’s sales force must succeed across multiple functions, changing customer environments and more competitive, complex landscapes… resulting in longer sales cycles, inconsistent performance and increased cost of sales. Without a holistic focus on “top performance” for both individual and organizational performance, sales organizations will struggle to select, develop or lead a team that performs.

Simply put… The “right” sales force is the differentiating factor to growing your business!

Today, as the marketplace and industry have changed, hiring, developing and retaining the “right” top performers in sales, leadership or other critical positions is increasingly more difficult. And, no longer can a company afford to hire ANY employee.

How GDI Can Help

At Growth Dynamics, we are leading experts in sales force performance. Based on our expertise and the GDI Sales Benchmark® Program, our company helps your company establish the specific metrics and standards for top performance in sales that define the role, focus, skills, motivation, performance and even targeted compensation and rewards structure that fit the role… establishing a comprehensive program to effectively hire, develop, lead and retain a top performing sales organization.

The GDI Sales Benchmark® – How Does It Work?

GDI works with your leadership team to explore your company’s business goals, marketplace, sales force structure, competitive landscape, and future growth plans. We work to understand your sales process, rewards structure, performance metrics, leadership expectations… even territory alignment as it relates to team performance.

GDI also engages your sales organization to gain their input or “voice” about critical topics such as challenges they face, competition, where they spend their time, leadership support, or marketing and lead generation ideas. GDI calls this “sales team intelligence” a KEY component to driving sales team engagement and team transformation.

The Result

The result is a comprehensive methodology that establishes arms sales leadership with proven tools to effectively attract / recruit, interview, hire, develop, lead and retain the best-of-the best who FIT the role… the first time.

At the completion of the GDI Sales Benchmark® program, you can impact sales team selection, development, and transformation:

Sales Force Selection
  • A comprehensive recruitment-to-development roadmap for selecting, developing and leading the “right” top performer.
  • Performance-based role description and interview methodology to pre-screen, qualify, assess and hire candidates
  • GDI expert consultation for hiring managers and leadership to select the “right” candidates
Sales Force Leadership & Development
  • Total team analysis to define the team you have VS top performance to support training, coaching or development
  • Tools and assessments to measure individual team member skills, motivation, attributes and FIT
  • Sales Team Engagement & Transformation…
Sales Team Engagement & Transformation
  • Communicating, presenting and sharing the results of the benchmark with the sales organization at a team meeting is a highly effective method to establish role awareness and engage the team in the process of change... transforming sales force performance.

How Do I Get Started?

Post-it note contact usIf you are a leader seeking world-class solutions that help you select, develop and retain top performers, please Contact Us for more information or call a GDI Representative at (877) 434-2677.