Growth Dynamics provides proven sales performance solutions that help you select, develop and retain an effective sales organization that fits your company and customers.

Sales Team Analysis

“Our marketplace had changed and our sales team was struggling... we needed a company who could assess and define the team’s strengths, areas for development and help us transform how they sell. That was Growth Dynamics!”

Vice President of Sales
Endolite Corporation

The GDI Sales Team Analysis® - Defining Sales Team Performance

Today’s customer landscape has changed drastically… and as sales evolves into the “digital” era of selling and customer engagement, the role of sales will be more complex than ever. Many long-standing sales organizations who found their success in traditional on-site visits or “drop-by” appointments will see this end… and need to transform HOW they sell.  

And, as customers work to re-align their businesses strategies for the future, and their expectations of your sales organization will drastically change… and as everyone operates from a "virtual" envovironment, how will you coach, train and lead each person to FIT and perform?

The GDI Sales Team Analysis® is a comprehensive analysis of your sales organization defining the skills, motivation, strengths, attributes, capabilities and FIT of each team member and what drives their performance. GDI works to explore the metrics for Top Performance, role complexity, sales process, customer culture and even compensation and incentive models – to define KEY factors for sales team performance.   Once you have that kind of visibility into your team, you can lead change, develop training programs for development, and focus on performance improvement.

Growth Dynamics CEO, Ty Swain speaks about “GDI’s Sales Team Analysis” program.

GDI also provides each sales team member with their own, individualized GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® and a “Performance Plan” for development and manager engagement… arming you with everything you need to coach, train, lead and develop the “right” sales organization.

Measuring Sales Force Performance – The GDI Sales Team Analysis®

The Sales Team Analysis Report® provides leadership with a comprehensive report that defines the strengths of the team as well as how to develop and lead individual performers. GDI also offers targeted individual and team recommendations that help your management team develop, train and lead a team that fits the role and performs.

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“We needed to know the skills, attributes, and FIT of our sales team for development.”
Vice President of Sales

  • Sales skills and knowledge
  • What motivates team performance & how to reward success
  • Team’s current focus on current VS new customers
  • Focus on new business development
  • Recommendations for training for development
  • Role Fit for Success… and much more!

The result is a comprehensive analysis of your team that identifies the strengths, capability and attributes, while offering targeted, measurable recommendations for training, leadership and development to optimize team performance, making it easier to lead, develop and retain a team that performs!

How Do I Get Started?

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