Growth Dynamics provides proven sales performance solutions that help you select, develop and retain an effective sales organization that fits your company and customers.


“We are excited with how Growth Dynamics’ sales performance solutions energized our team and allowed them to better understand how the role of sales has changed. It provided my team with knowledge to go forward in a different way to grow new business in a complex market.

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A Top Performing Sales Force Results in a Top Performing Company

To be successful in today’s competitive, dynamic customer climate, a company must focus on what makes business work… the right sales force!

At Growth Dynamics, we offer world-class solutions that help today’s leadership select, develop and retain the “right” sales organization that FITS your company and customers and performs. We provide comprehensive solutions that help you define top performance in sales, assess the capabilities of your existing team, and transform the performance of your existing sales force to align with customers’ changing needs and expectations.

The Result… we help companies establish the standard for top performance, arming leadership with the tools, metrics and solutions needed to hire, develop, lead and retain a top performing sales force to drive new business growth, profitability and customer retention!

Take a look at GDI’s advanced sales force performance solutions.

Benchmarking Top Performance

Today’s customers are more sophisticated, demanding and seek proven solutions that support their business and growth. This is drastically changing the complexity of sales in today’s industry. As businesses expect you to adapt, your sales organization must be able to transform how they sell and navigate across multiple functions in a highly competitive landscape. This requires the right people for success.Benchmarking Top Performance  word cloud

Often, companies fail to effectively hire or select the right people because they have not accurately defined top performance in the role today, so they recruit and hire the best of the average… who bring average performance to the company.

There is a better solution.

Our GDI Sales Team Benchmark® methodology provides leadership with a comprehensive analysis that establishes a clear picture of top performance and metrics for success that include sales skills, motivation, attributes, experience and FIT for success, helping you develop and lead a top performing sales organization to support your customers. The GDI Sales Team Benchmark® arms your leadership with the tools to assess, interview, hire and develop the right sales organization – the first time.

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Pre-Selection & Development Assessments

Growth Dynamics’ research proves that the “right” people learn faster, are easier to lead, and perform better.  In contrast, the wrong hires can devastate a team, minimize leadership resources, impact customer retention, and limit future business growth. 

Growth Dynamics offers a suite of advanced pre-selection and developmental assessments for any type of role in any industry.  GDI Assessments include:

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  • Field & Inside Sales
  • Sales Management & Leadership 
  • Executive Leadership 
  • Management & Supervision 
  • Customer Service & Support 

The GDI Dynamics Assessment® is a nationally recognized pre-employment selection and developmental assessment tool that is highly effective in measuring candidates’ skills, motivations, attributes, and fit to ANY role in your organization. All GDI Assessment® results are compared to benchmarks for top performance or can be customized to industry standards for your company.

GDI Assessments also include a no-cost consultation and review with a GDI consultant to compare candidate results with role expectations, performance metrics, and role requirements to assure FIT and help you effectively select the “right” employees. Request a sample GDI Assessment today.

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Sales Team Analysis

Your customers’ world is changing routinely at a record pace.  You expect your sales organization to adapt accordingly, but you may be expecting more than they can deliver. 

How will you know if they possess the strengths, skills and capability for the role today?GDI Sales Team Analysis slide  

The GDI Sales Team Analysis® is a comprehensive evaluation of your sales organization that starts with leadership collaboration to understand your business goals, the complexity of your industry, the marketplace, competition, and metrics for success in the role.  GDI also can measure and assess the skills, characteristics, motivation and attributes of your existing team to provide an in-depth team analysis that defines their strengths, skills, motivation and FIT to their role for development.  

The GDI Sales Team Analysis® gives you an in-depth analysis of your team with targeted recommendations to help you understand the strengths and limitations, arming leadership with solutions to develop, train, and lead a sales organization that performs effectively.

If your sales team is struggling with change, not aligned with customer expectations, or struggling to perform, we can help.

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Customer & Sales Force Intelligence

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"SalesMAX helped assess our sales organization's needs... optimizing leadership efforts to improve sales performance!"

As the marketplace continues to change, how will you ensure that your company and your sales organization will be effective in meeting ever-changing, dynamic customer expectations?  

The GDI MAX® Survey system is a customizable survey platform that helps you assess and measure customer and employee needs and expectations so you can develop targeted solutions to grow your business.  

The comprehensive GDI Executive Summary Report® offers trends, leadership recommendations and sales force solutions to enhance the performance of your company and sales organization, arming you with business intelligence to navigate a new and ever-changing customer landscape.

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Sales Force Transformation

In today’s sales environment, customers are more sophisticated and demanding and require more from your sales organization in order to grow and retain their business.  Unfortunately, many sales organizations are staying in their roles longer and struggling to change how they sell when customer’s expectations have dynamically shifted. GDI Sales Force Transformation slide

Leading companies realize they must arm their sales force with tools and solutions that help them “see” their role today, identify how they must change, and guide them to optimize their skills and effectiveness.  GDI helps you create a platform for transforming your sales organization, comparing top performance to the capability, focus and strengths of your existing team. We help you guide your sales organization to “see” how they must perform for success… now and in the future.

GDI makes this process easy. We combine customer intelligence with an analysis of your sales organization to define what customers want and expect, and how the sales force must adapt and change to support, develop and retain customer today.  GDI arms your leadership with the tools to lead sales team development and transformation that ensures customer growth and development.

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