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Message from our CEO

If you’ve come to this part of our site, I suspect you are curious what Growth Dynamics is hearing from our customer in manufacturing, distributoion and every industry is that the "new normal" is not as easy to navigate and most companies wish it was.   Moreso,, the impact of the Pandemic on today's sales organizations... which has been catastrophic, has simply pushed the new "digital" age to the forefront - although it had been there for the last 5 years!   And. many ask why sales is SO much more complex than ever before, and that is because customers needs and expectations have changed drastically, and what is really going on is simply this… massive, immediate, required - change,!

Most Common
leadership questions I recieve...

"Our customers have changed, but our sales team has not... what do we do?"

"We struggle to attract or hire the right people who fit and perform in sales... what is working?"

"Sales training has not worked... and, I want to know more about the team we have so we can help them develop... but how?"

Over the last 20 years, Growth Dynamics has become recognized both nationally and internationally as a leading expert in sales force performance and selection, and I am constantly “on the road” presenting our research, studies or trends we see for national meetings, keynotes, conferences, or industry events. As a person who started his career in complex sales environments and leadership roles, I know first-hand the difficulty a career in sales or sales leadership brings... the travel, customer demands and working independently, not to mention the constant expectation to perform, retain customers and growing new business. What is most interesting is that the sales environment has changed more in the last 3-5 years than in the last 50, and trends show the level of complexity in sales will continue as technology, competition and markets collide, forcing businesses to be more strategic, targeted and aligned with their customer’s needs and expectations... forcing today’s companies to have the “right” sales force that fits not just in sales, but in sales leadership roles as well.

Why? The long story short... technology is providing customers with access to your products and services, allowing them to more easily view, assess or even buy products online with no engagement with a field sales person. This reality, coupled with customers changing needs and expectations is requiring today’s top performing sales professionals to adapt and offer more “solutions” that help customers save money, create efficiencies or optimize production. The day of hiring “any sales person” is over.

Advancements in technology has spawned significant growth in e-commerce, CRM, social networking and even online competition such as Amazon and others are changing customer expectations and allowing customers to transparently assess what you offer and decide how or if you can help them, making sales more complex.

Today, GDI is known best for our Sales Force Benchmark® methodology where we help leading sales organizations strategically define the “picture” of top performance in sales and sales leadership roles – providing a comprehensive, company-specific model that defines the strategy for recruiting, interviewing, selecting, orienting, compensating, leading and retaining the “ right” sales force. When we implement these programs, we find that every company is uniquely different... none are ever the same. What is most interesting is 95% of the time we are called regarding a performance-related issue in a sales team. We find that 100% of the time the team is not focused effectively on the right aspects of the role, and generally sales leadership is not guiding change or driving performance accountability either... so the sales team’s performance slowly diminishes. A real, big, consistent challenge I see, but one that can be resolved.

At a time where recruiting and hiring the “right” people in sales is harder than ever, helping your existing sales team transform how they perform their role today is crucial, and it drives better performance and success in the field. At GDI, we call this sales force transformation and it is the most important effort a sales leadership team can initiate.

If you ever have a question or idea to share, please contact me!

Kind regards,
Ty Swain, CEO