Growth Dynamics provides proven sales performance solutions that help you select, develop and retain an effective sales organization that fits your company and customers.

Pre-Selection & Development Assessments

“We have utilized Predictive Index, Caliper, Profiles and many other tests, none compare to GDI’s assessments and support for selecting and developing the right people that fit our company.”

Chief Sales Officer
Heartland Payment System

Pre-Selection & Development Assessments

Selecting & Developing the “Right” Top Performers

All companies – no matter large or small - struggle with the same basic issues of attracting, hiring, developing and retaining the right talent… especially in high performance roles such as sales, management, customer support and even executive leadership. Today, as companies strive to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace, employers must attract and hire people who FIT the company, culture and job performance metrics… the 1st time.

What is Unique? Growth Dynamics offers a suite of advanced pre-selection and developmental assessment programs that are unlike ANY on the market today. Designed for BOTH selection and development, GDI assessments are available for any type of role from sales or leadership to non-exempt employees.

GDI assessments effectively measure behavioral traits, motivation, skills, cognitive thinking and even FIT for a particular role… comparing results to industry benchmarks or company-specific metrics for top performance.


"GDI's metrics help us select the right sales team...that stay and perform!"
Rick Smith, Vice President of Sales

GDI Assessments are available for:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Sales Leadership & Management
  • Sales Professionals
  • Management & Supervision
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Exempt / Non-Exempt Personnel
  • Total Team Analysis

Our Industry Expertise

As a global leader in employee selection and performance, our research encompasses over 3 million employee assessments worldwide proving that the “right” people learn faster, are easier to lead, and perform better. The wrong hires will devastate a company, impacting sales, customer retention, profitability and future business.

The Result… GDI arms hiring managers with fast, effective results and information to support targeted selection and development of the “right” people.

The GDI Assessment® - A Suite of tools for Selection & Development

The GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® is a highly advanced and comprehensive sales selection and developmental assessment that measures a candidate or employee’s sales characteristics, skills, motivation, and attributes to allow managers to effectively hire and develop the “right” top performers who FIT the role and your company, culture and customers.

An ideal assessment for field sales, inside sales, or sales-centric, customer facing roles where new business development, account management, and sales success are required.

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The GDI Executive Sales Leadership Dynamics Assessment® is an advanced sales leadership assessment that measures sales management skills, motivation, leadership attributes and characteristics for sales leadership and sales management roles, helping you select or develop top performers who can direct, manage, coach and lead a sales organization, fitting the role of sales leadership at your company.

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The GDI Leadership Dynamics Assessment® is a selection and developmental assessment for C-level, executive, or mid-level leadership and management roles. It measures leadership attributes, motivation, cognitive thinking and characteristics for roles requiring leadership, motivation and employee engagement for success.

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GDI Customer Service Dynamics Assessment® is an advanced customer service focused assessment that is ideal for selecting and developing employees in customer service or internal customer support roles where the right mixture of customer service, sales and account management skills are critical to role success.

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GDI Employee Dynamics Assessment® is ideal for selecting and developing employees in roles such as accounting, production, marketing or operations to determine characteristics, attributes, and fit to a position.

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All GDI Assessments include a GDI Performance Plan® for development, and a no-cost consultation with the hiring manager comparing a candidate or existing employee to industry metrics for success or performance benchmarks for your company … helping managers hire the “right” top performers.

How Do I Get Started?

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