Growth Dynamics provides proven sales performance solutions that help you select, develop and retain an effective sales organization that fits your company and customers.

Sales Dynamics Assessment

Selecting Top Performers in Today's Sales Environment

“We have over 800 sales professionals and we needed more than a test, we needed an assessment partner who understood our sales culture, compared candidates to our performance metrics, and helped our managers make effective hiring decisions. GDI did all that and more!”

Chief Sales Officer
Heartland Payment System

Unfortunately today, a solid resume with a track record of sales success is no guarantee that a candidate will fit and perform in your unique sales environment. As a worldwide expert in sales force performance and selection, GDI research and benchmarks are based on over 3 million assessments worldwide… and our research proves that top performing organizations have the ‘right’ sales teams that FIT the role of sales at their company.

Companies today don’t need “personality assessments” to hire the right people… they need a partner that understands the on-the-job performance requirements to define how well a candidate or employee will FIT a job and perform. And, leading companies seek a partner who can help them define top performance in sales to select, develop and lead the “right” sales organization.

What Makes the GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® Unique?

The GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® is an advanced sales force selection and developmental assessment tool that takes the uncertainty out of hiring by determining the specific attributes your sales position requires for success, allowing you to objectively compare sales candidates against role-specific performance criteria to define HOW they will perform in a role.

Unlike other assessments or “tests,” the Sales Dynamics Assessment® measures the drive, motivation, skills, attributes and FIT of a sales candidate or team member to specific performance metrics.

Once you have that kind of visibility, you’ll know which of your sales candidates have the skills, motivations, attributes and capability to succeed.

Unlike Any Other Sales Assessment Tool…

finger selecting a person from many people

  • GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment was developed specifically for sales selection and development
  • 100% accuracy in measuring sales skills, attributes, motivation and FIT
  • Easy to understand and ideal for development
  • Proven to reduce turnover
  • Ideal sales team analysis tool to help managers define team strengths, skills, motivation or even role focus for development.

Each GDI Assessment includes a GDI Performance Plan® for development, and a no-cost consultation with the hiring manager comparing a candidate’s strengths, skills or fit to the role, helping managers select, develop and retain the “right” top performers.

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What is the End Result?

The GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® arms your leadership with a comprehensive, bound report that helps them make fast, effective hiring decisions or develop the strengths, capabilities and performance of an existing team. GDI also provides no-cost consultation for each GDI Assessment to support hiring decisions. The GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® reports includes:

  • Sales attributes & behavioral characteristics
  • Motivation & drive to perform
  • Cognitive thinking & sales focus
  • Sales skill & knowledge analysis
  • Role FIT & performance
  • GDI recommendations for leading, developing and retaining top performers

Taking the Guesswork Out of Hiring Top Performers in Sales

GDI is a global leader in sales selection and performance with research encompassing over 3 million assessments worldwide…proving that the “right” people learn faster, are easier to lead, and perform better. The wrong hires will devastate a company, impacting sales, customer retention, profitability and future business.

As an industry expert in sales performance, GDI can also help you define top performance in sales with the GDI Sales Benchmark®. This program defines targeted performance metrics, skills, attributes, motivation and FIT for success in a sales role so you can easily compare candidates or existing team members to company-specific performance metrics helping you hire or develop a top performing sales team.

For many companies, The GDI Benchmarking process is the key that finally unlocks their ability to effectively recruit, hire and develop the right sales organization.

Take a look at our case studies to see how GDI’s Sales Benchmark solutions have helped other sales organizations define what they want in a candidate and stop hiring candidates whose best performance was in the interview!

How Do We Get Started?

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