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ExitMAX® Survey – Track Turnover and Improve Retention

GDI ExitMAX banner logoAttracting and retaining top talent today is more difficult than it has ever been. Today’s employees are more selective, and employers are seeking the right talent. Losing talented employees in key roles such as sales, leadership, customer service and other performance-based roles is not only costly, but it impacts future revenue, profits and customer retention.

  • Do you really know why people leave?
  • What prompted them to start looking?
  • How will you develop solutions to retain your top performers?
  • How can your leadership optimize their efforts and effectiveness?

“ExitMAX® was customized to fit our company and defined why employees left, but more important GDI provided trended solutions to help us improve retention and employee performance.”

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GDI has the Answer... The ExitMAX® Survey

As the most advanced employee turnover tracking tool on the market today, ExitMAX® is designed with targeted company-specific questions to measure and track exiting employees’ feedback and suggestions in critical roles such as sales, leadership or even customer service on critical business areas such as leadership, training, benefits programs and any other important topic areas. The goal is not to only track turnover, but to improve employee retention. That’s ExitMAX®.

ExitMAX® is not just a survey. It is a diagnostic tool that allows you to track employee turnover, diagnose why employees really leave and develop solutions focused on retaining your greatest asset… your people. No other system does this!

Unique Features of the ExitMAX® Survey

  • Survey Customization – Every company is unique. ExitMAX® questions can be customized and adapted to fit your company
  • Employee Turnover Analysis – Allows employees to assess, measure and validate leadership, training, benefits programs and other company-specific areas and offer targeted suggestions to increase employee retention
  • Real-Time, Online Report Access – ExitMAX® offers real-time online report access for company leadership to view, query and track multiple positions, departments, demographics or data fields to identify trends or comparisons
  • Retention Solutions & Recommendations – Allows you to trend and mine multiple customer data points at once to support fact-based solutions and recommendations for employee retention

Leading Advantages of the ExitMAX® Survey

  • Monthly/Quarterly Management Reports — GDI offers ExitMAX® Leadership Reports and analysis to track turnover and validate company programs
  • Management Recommendations — GDI provides targeted recommendations to support management initiatives, organizational improvements and strategies to optimize employee performance and retention

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How Do I Get Started?

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