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SurveyMAX® Helps Develop & Retain Your Greatest Asset…Your People

Today, employee expectations are complex, requiring effective solutions for retaining and optimizing employee productivity, performance and business success. Being able to gain the “voice” of your employees and management is critical to making the best talent decisions to grow your business.  That is SurveyMAX®.

SurveyMAX® engages employees to gain their input to critical topics and questions:

  • What do employees need or expect from your company?
  • What programs or initiatives are needed to improve productivity?
  • What can leadership do to better support and retain key people?
  • How do they perform their job… and what ideas do they have?

More Than Just a Survey… An Advanced Employee Retention Tool with an Edge

SurveyMAX® is not just a survey. It is a diagnostic tool that helps you engage, assess and measure the needs and expectations of your employees and management. Moreover, it can help you diagnose possible turnover issues, define why employees stay, develop solutions that improve employee productivity and optimize leadership efforts to develop and retain your greatest asset... your people.  No other system does this!

“Many companies give you volumes of graphs and data to review and interpret. GDI’s Leadership Summary Report provided targeted recommendations, data and results that aligned with our company and culture, defining key initiatives to support employee development, leadership and retention. This was a powerful and effective process.”  — Randy Koorsen, CEO

SurveyMAX® Offers These Unique Features

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  • Survey Customization

    SurveyMAX® offers complete survey customization, allowing you to align the survey with your company needs

  • Employee Satisfaction Analysis
    Allows employees to assess and measure leadership, employee programs, compensation satisfaction, and offers suggestions to increase employee retention or productivity
  • Management Recommendations
    GDI provides company leadership with the SurveyMAX® Executive Summary Report, a detailed analysis of the results defining trends, suggestions, and targeted recommendations to support management initiatives, organizational improvements and strategies to optimize employee performance and retention.

How Do I Get Started?

Post-it note contact usIf you are a leader seeking world-class solutions that help you select, develop and retain top performers, please Contact Us for more information or call a GDI Representative at (877) 434-2677.