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SalesMAX® – The “voice” of your sales organization

GDI SalesMAX banner logoToday, as businesses change, competition increases and the role of sales becomes more complex, leading companies realize that sales has changed and customers expect more…

Requiring the sales force to change, adapt and transform how they sell.

At Growth Dynamics, we have proven that to change how a sales team performs or transforms how they sell in today’s dynamic marketplace… you must 1st gain their “voice” to understand how they “see” their role, where they spend their time, challenges they face, why they are successful or struggle, and how leadership can support their efforts to succeed.

At Growth Dynamics, we call this “Sales Force Intelligence”.

Sales Team Intelligence with an Edge

SalesMAX® is an advanced sales team diagnostic tool designed specifically to gain the “voice” of your sales organization measuring critical aspects of their job such as role performance, competition, leadership support, and even where and how they focus their time in new business development, current accounts, problem resolution, territory planning, and much more.  

With response rates exceeding 95%, SalesMAX can also measure other critical areas such as training, products, services, pricing or even gain suggestions to optimize lead generation, marketing, or compensation and reward programs.  A powerful leadership tool!

How it Works?

SalesMAX® Results... Sales Force Transformation

GDI experts meet with your executive leadership team to understand your business goals, markets, industry and sales organization structure.  Our collaboration involves defining the status of the sales organization, marketing efforts, territory alignment, performance expectations and even leadership performance and support. 

Based on our collaboration, GDI develops a customized, salesforce-specific SMART survey with measurable questions, comment fields and queries to gain team insights, trust and engagement in the process.  

SalesMAX® Results... Executive Summary Report

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"SalesMAX helped assess our sales organization's needs... optimizing leadership efforts to improve sales performance!"

The GDI SalesMAX® Executive Report provides leadership with in-depth analysis and summary report of the sales organizations responses that include measurable graphs, trended results, comments and targeted recommendations that align with corporate goals, sales team initiatives and performance expectations. Results can be provided by geography, markets, performance metrics, or any other team measurement.

SalesMAX® results are analyzed to define:

  • HOW the existing team is focused in the role today (top performers, mid performers and lower performers)
  • WHERE they struggle to perform
  • WHY they are successful (why top performers succeed and under performers struggle)
  • HOW to optimize leadership efforts to develop the team

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Sales Team Transformation

In coordination with sales leadership, GDI recommends presenting the results of the SalesMAX Survey, reviewing how the team sees the role today, and collaborating on ways to transform their efforts for sales success in the future. GDI engages the sales organization in a forum where the team can ask questions, engage in dialogue, and transform how they see and perform their role.

How Do I Get Started?

Post-it note contact usIf you are a leader seeking world-class solutions that help you select, develop and retain top performers, please Contact Us for more information or call a GDI Representative at (877) 434-2677.