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Aligning Your Sales Team for Success in 2020

Aligning Your Sales Team for Success in 2020

Sales Team Alignment for 2020

Economists are predicting the flattening of the economy through the middle of 2020. In response, leadership teams in proactive manufacturing companies have already been realigning their sales and redefining their go-to-market strategy to compete and grow in a challenging marketplace.

Those most impacted by these changes are the sales team members in the field.  What should they be doing differently and how do they need to adapt to engage and sell to customers today? More importantly, as the sales leader, how do you know what the team needs and how to help?

Based on their perception, Sales leadership usually has good intentions of helping the sales team perform at their best.  However, they may not be armed with the data and metrics to know what the role requires for top performance today and in the future, how the existing team FITS, what gaps need addressed with targeted training, and how to effectively coach, mentor, and support individual team members.

A Recommendation from GDI…

Stepping into 2020, is the optimum time to engage the sales team and gather their insights on their role, challenges they face, how they focus their efforts, as well as where they have individual strengths and skill gaps.  Armed with validated data and defined metrics of top performance, sales leadership will then know how and where to focus their efforts to effectively and successfully lead the sales organization through an ever-changing marketplace.

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