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Growth Dynamic Selected by ProMach Division to Define Top Performance in Sales.

DAYTON, Ohio — May 2019 – Growth Dynamics (GDI) was selected to implement the GDI Sales Team Benchmark & Analysis® program for Brenton, a division of ProMach and a leader in servo technology packaging applications and solutions. Increasing competitiveness in the marketplace, changing customer buying habits, and ever evolving technology was driving Brenton’s leadership to recognize they need the “right” sales organization to continue their growth and success.

Brenton sought a partner that could help transform their sales organization, establish a strategy and process to recruit and select top performers in sales, and optimize sales leadership’s efforts to effectively lead, develop, and retain a top performing sales organization. Growth Dynamics was selected based on their extensiveexpertise in working with many of today’s most advanced, complex sales organizations in packaging and material handling industries.

Brenton & Growth Dynamics – Partnering for Success…

Brenton has a strong brand and reputation in the industry for engineering and manufacturing case packing equipment, shrink-wrapping machines, robotic packaging systems, custom packaging systems, and product handling equipment. To continue their growth and success in the marketplace, Brenton’s leadership team recognized they needed a more strategic approach and comprehensive model to attract and hire a top performing sales organization as well as solutions that would help with the performance and development of their current team.

“Leadership at top performing companies today realize the customer has changed… changed how they buy, why the buy and who they will buy from…requiring the sales force to change and adapt how they sell. For the future, leadership must hire the right sales team – while also transforming how the existing team performs.”

Ty Swain, CEO Growth Dynamics

The GDI Sales Team Benchmark & Analysis® program is a comprehensive sales force performance methodology that establishes the Top Performance standard in sales for Brenton and arms the leadership team with a comprehensive process to recruit, interview, select, and develop top performers who FIT their company, culture, and customers.

To support development of the top performance standard, GDI utilized SalesMAX®, a sales force intelligence program that provided the sales team with a “voice” to communicate where they focus their time and efforts, challenges they face, and what recommendations they have regarding training, marketing and leadership support, compensation, and much more. Team members also complete the GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® program. This tool helps each sales team member see and understand their strengths, sales skills, and attributes to support training, coaching, and development.  

The Result… Sales Force Transformation

By engaging the entire sales organization in the process, the “picture of top performance in sales” is defined specifically for the role of sales at Brenton. The leadership team will now be armed with a comprehensive program to recruit, interview, hire, develop and lead the right sales organization that will advance their position as a world-class leader in the marketplace.

About Growth Dynamics…

Growth Dynamics is a nationally recognized leader of world-class sales force solutions and comprehensive programs that help executive leadership select, develop, and retain a top performing sales organization that FITS and performs. For more information, visit www.gdicorp.com or call 877-434-2677.