Growth Dynamics provides proven sales performance solutions that help you select, develop and retain an effective sales organization that fits your company and customers.

WireCo WorldGroup Partners with Growth Dynamics to Define Top Performance in the Sales Organization

DAYTON, Ohio — As a leader in sales force selection and performance, Growth Dynamics (GDI) recently completed the GDI Sales Team Benchmark & Analysis® program for WireCo WorldGroup, a global leader in manufacturing, engineering, and distributing wire rope and synthetic rope. WireCo leadership recognized to drive growth in the marketplace, they needed a targeted strategy to select, develop and lead a top performing sales organization. Growth Dynamics was selected based on their extensive expertise in developing benchmarks of top performance, analyzing existing teams, and establishing selection methodologies for companies in the manufacturing and distribution industry.

WireCo & Growth Dynamics – Partnering for Success…
Growth Dynamics engaged WireCo’s leadership and sales organization in the process of developing the top performance standard in sales leadership, field sales, and customer support in order to utilize the teams’ industry experience and drive ownership of the program results at all levels.

GDI Sales Leadership Solutions…
GDI’s Sales Force Intelligence Program, SalesMAX®, provided the sales organization with a “voice” to communicate their needs, assess training, support, compensation and much more… while allowing them to offer suggestions & recommendations to improve the company as well as define areas for performance. The GDI Dynamics Assessment® is both a pre-selection and developmental tool to assess candidates or team members’ strengths, skills, attributes, motivation, and role FIT and identify areas for coaching, training, and development. The GDI Sales Benchmark® program provides WireCo with a comprehensive, role-specific process to recruit, interview, select , and develop top performers who FIT their company, culture, and customers.

The Result…
By engaging the entire sales organization in the process to define the “picture of top performance in sales,” WireCo has the foundation to transform how the sales organization “sees” the role of sales. GDI presented the Benchmark, SalesMAX, and GDI Assessment results at WireCo’s National Sales Meeting, helping the team understand their strengths and ways to adapt and modify their efforts to be more effective in developing new business. WireCo is now armed with a comprehensive program to recruit, interview, hire, develop and lead the right sales organization, transforming team performance and advancing their position as a world-class leader in the marketplace.

“We needed to understand the strengths of our sales organization and develop an improved process to recruit, interview, and hire the right sales force, as well as transform how our sales team sees their role in a highly competitive marketplace.”
Blake Chandler, Senior Vice President of Sales WireCo WorldGroup