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Growth Dynamics Presents at National Sales Leadership Meeting for Ritz Safety

DAYTON, Ohio — Growth Dynamics (GDI) was invited to present at the 2017 Sales Leadership Year End Meeting for Ritz Safety held in Tampa, Florida. As a leader in the safety products industry, Ritz Safety utilizes Growth Dynamics’ solutions, methodologies, and tools for selection and development of a top performing sales organization. Ty Swain, CEO of Growth Dynamics, presented on GDI’s established Sales Team Benchmark standard of top performance for the roles of sales leadership, field sales, inside sales, and customer support at Ritz Safety.

Sales Team Selection & Development…Ritz Safety & Growth Dynamics
As a longstanding customer of Growth Dynamics, Ritz Safety has continued to grow and advance in the marketplace. The leadership team of Ritz Safety realizes the key to their expansion and success is continuing to select, develop, and optimize a top performing sales organization that can support and adapt to the complexities of the marketplace and ever-changing customer requirements and expectations. GDI’s ongoing programs and support help Ritz Safety’s leadership team attract, interview, and select the “right” sales team members with the skills, motivation, attributes and FIT to the role, the company, and customers.

“This was an engaging and innovative presentation that helped us see how to strategically bring on sales team members who FIT and perform as well as how to optimize the performance of our existing team.”

Ritz Safety…
Ritz Safety is a leading safety products and materials company, operating numerous distribution locations throughout the United States. Ritz Safety has achieved success as a leader in the safety products industry by providing an unparalleled level of expert consultation, inside sales, product quality, and product reliability and delivery to individuals, construction sites and facilities throughout the business community.

Growth Dynamics…
Growth Dynamics is a nationally recognized leader of world-class sales force solutions and comprehensive programs that help sales leadership today select, develop, and retain a top performing sales organization that FITS and performs.