Growth Dynamics provides proven sales performance solutions that help you select, develop and retain an effective sales organization that fits your company and customers.

Growth Dynamics Selected to Define Top Performance in Sales for Global Product Support Company

DAYTON, Ohio — O’Neil, a leading global document support company, selected Growth Dynamics (GDI) to establish a “Picture” of Top Performance in Sales utilizing the GDI Sales Team Benchmark & Analysis® program, a comprehensive process model that helps leadership recruit and select the “right” sales team members, and helps the current team transform their performance for continued growth and success. 

O’Neil & Growth Dynamics – Partnering for Success…

O’Neil is a highly recognized industry expert offering advanced solutions for product documentation, technical manual development, illustration, multimedia services, targeted software and cataloging solutions. Their advanced, solution-based approach to solving customer’s needs and expectations has drawn national attention for thousands of customers with longevity and constant growth in an ever-changing marketplace.

As a leader in the marketplace, O’Neil realizes they need a more strategic approach and comprehensive model to attract and hire a top performing sales organization as well as solutions that help with the performance and development of their current team.

The GDI Sales Team Benchmark & Analysis® program is a comprehensive sales force performance methodology that establishes the Top Performance standard in sales for O’Neil. 

Sales Team Benchmarking & Team Transformation…

The GDI Sales Team Benchmark® program will provide the O'Neil leadership team with a comprehensive process to recruit, interview, and select top performers who FIT the company, culture, and customers. GDI will utilize its sales force intelligence program, SalesMAX®, to provide the sales team with a “voice” to communicate their needs and assess training, support, compensation, and much more. The GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® program is a pre-selection and development tool to help each sales team member see and understand their strengths, sales skills, and attributes to support training, coaching, and development.  

Results will be presented to the sales team at a National Sales Meeting, arming leadership with a comprehensive process to build a top performing sales organization and transform the performance of the existing team.

“Today’s leadership knows the customer has changed… changed how they buy, why the buy and who they will buy from… which is forcing today’s sales force to change how they sell.  For the future, leadership must hire the right sales team – while also transforming how the existing team performs.”

Ty Swain, CEO Growth Dynamics