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Growth Dynamics Establishes World-Class Sales Selection Program for Plexpack

DAYTON, Ohio — As a leader in the sales force selection and performance arena, Growth Dynamics, Inc. (GDI) recently completed the GDI Sales Team Benchmark & Analysis® program for Plexpack Corporation., a global leader of customizable, made-to-order flexible packaging machinery solutions. The executive leadership team of Plexpack was seeking targeted strategies and processes to effectively select, develop and retain the right sales organization to support their continued success and growth in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace. Growth Dynamics was selected based on extensive experience in the packaging and manufacturing industry and expertise in proven leadership solutions for sales team selection and performance optimization.

Top Performance Metrics to Drive Sales Team Selection & Development… Growth Dynamics implemented the GDI Sales Team Benchmark® Program to define the metrics, skills, motivation and attributes of top performance in both the field and inside sales roles. Utilizing the GDI sales force intelligence program, SalesMAX®, GDI provided the sales team with a “voice” to assess critical aspects of their role as well as offer ideas, suggestions, and recommendations to advance Plexpack’s growth in the marketplace.

Plexpack leadership was also looking for ways to transform the performance and development of the existing sales team. Each sales team member completed the GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment®, which measured individual sales attributes, skills, and strengths in comparison to the top performance benchmark and defined areas for team development and individual performance improvement.

“Now that we have defined the metrics for top performance in sales for both the field and inside sales roles, we can attract and hire sales professionals that fit our company as well as lead and develop the team we have.”
Paul Irvine, President, Plexpack Corporation

Sales Team Impact… Growth Dynamics presented the results of these programs at the Plexpack Sales Meeting, creating a collaborative, knowledge-sharing experience that included industry trends, recommendations, and solutions to help the team see how they need to adapt and change in their role to better navigate a highly competitive and changing marketplace.

The Result… Plexpack leadership now has a company-specific process and model to attract, recruit, interview, assess, and select the “right” top performers who FIT the company, culture and customers. They also gained valuable knowledge on how to optimize their leadership efforts to improve sales team performance resulting in company success and growth in the marketplace.

For more than 40 years, Plexpack Corporation has been designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality flexible packaging solutions that perform to the highest standards of their customers. Plexpack delivers standard and customizable, made-to-order solutions to meet their customer’s unique needs, reputation and budget.

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