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Growth Dynamics' Defines Top Performance in Sales for Walter USA, a Leading Cutting Tools Manufacturer

DAYTON, Ohio — As a worldwide sales performance analysis company, Growth Dynamics (GDI) was selected to assess, analyze and establish the standard of top performance for Walter USA, a leading manufacturer that specializes in advanced cutting tools and technology for automotive, aerospace, energy, rail transport, and medical manufacturing industries. With the complexity of the sales role colliding with the changing marketplace, the executive management team was struggling to attract new sales people, optimize sales team performance, and establish better ways to lead, develop, and retain the sales organization.

The Project Result – GDI established a comprehensive program that arms sales leadership with the tools to attract, interview, assess and select people who FIT the sales role, company culture, and customer and transform how the existing team sees the role of sales to support performance improvement and new business development.

“Our company’s evolution required the successful integration of two powerful sales organizations with differing cultures, leadership, and customers… selling differing products, services and solutions. As a new sales team exceeding 120 sales professionals and leaders, we needed to define the role of top performance in sales to establish a foundation to guide the team through change, align sales leadership, and help the sales organization adapt as a unified team that sells the same products and services with success. It has been a key factor to our sales organization’s evolution.”
Kim Seidelman, Managing Director
Walter USA

Sales Force Transformation – Walter USA utilized GDI’s Sales Team Benchmark Methodology®, GDI’s SalesMAX® Sales Force Intelligence Survey, and GDI’s Sales Dynamics Assessment® Program to define top performance in sales, provide the sales team a “voice” to offer ideas and suggestions, and assess the strengths of the sales team. This comprehensive program helped Walter USA transform the sales organization and evolve Walter USA as a world-class leader in the marketplace.

Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Walter USA is a complete service provider for the metalworking industry. Walter USA offers an extensive selection of cutting tools for milling, drilling, turning, threading, and boring and excels at creating specialized tooling for unique applications.

Growth Dynamics offers world-class sales force solutions and comprehensive programs that help sales leadership select, develop, and retain a top performing sales organization.