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Growth Dyanmics' CEO Invited to Participate in Affiliated Distributors Spring Meeting

Affiliated Distributors company logoDAYTON, OH— March 2014 – The CEO of Growth Dynamics (GDI), Ty Swain was invited to participate in the Affiliated Distributors (AD) Industrial Supply Division 2014 Spring Meeting, held in St. Louis, MO on March 12-13, 2014. AD rarely invites service providers to their meetings; Growth Dynamics feels privileged to have been included. Ty Swain, who brings over 25 years of sales and executive leadership experience to the industry, was requested in private network meetings to discuss trends and best practices for hiring, selecting and developing the right sales force.

This powerful and engaging executive leadership collaboration focused on one of the most critical topics in today’s industry… how business is changing… and the impact it is having on leadership efforts to effectively attract, hire, develop and retain a sales organization that FITS and performs. Areas of discussion will include the multi-generational workforce, why sales selection is becoming more challenging, how technology, innovation and economic pressures have forced companies to do business differently… and how the dynamics of all these changes have collided… changing the role of sales in today’s industry.

“This is a collaborative C-level and sales leadership-focused event offering proven, comprehensive solutions for sales team selection, performance and retention. As companies struggle with a highly competitive, ever-changing marketplace, the need to select and develop the “right” sales force is paramount to business success and customer retention,” notes Ty Swain.
AD is a dynamic community of independent distributors and manufacturers of construction and industrial products. Our 618 independently owned members, with 3,605 locations, span seven industries and two countries with collective annual sales in excess of $26 Billion. AD distributors are local market leaders with deep roots in their local communities, great people and strong customer relationships.

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