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Growth Dynamics Establishes a World-Class Sales Performance Standard at Shuttleworth to Transform the Sales Organization

DAYTON, Ohio — As a leader in solutions for sales force selection and performance, Growth Dynamics, Inc. (GDI) recently completed the GDI Sales Team Benchmark & Analysis® program for Shuttleworth, a highly respected, leading provider of integrated packaging products and solutions for automotive, electrical, food and beverage, health care, household goods, personal care, pharmaceutical, solar energy, and other diverse consumer and industrial companies.

To continue their growth in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace, Shuttleworth’s leadership team realized they needed targeted role-specific strategies and a proven methodology to effectively attract, interview, and hire the right sales team members that FIT the dynamics of the company, culture and customer marketplace. They were also seeking to ways to optimize, develop and transform the performance of their current sales organization. Growth Dynamics was selected based on their extensive experience in the packaging and manufacturing industry and expertise in proven leadership solutions for sales team selection and performance optimization.

Sales Role Benchmark & Analysis - Top Performance Metrics to Drive Sales Team Selection & Development
Utilizing the GDI sales force intelligence program, SalesMAX®, GDI provided the sales team with a “voice” to assess critical aspects of their role, focus and challenges in their role, as well as offer ideas, suggestions, and recommendations to advance Shuttleworth’s growth in the marketplace. This was coupled with the GDI Sales Team Benchmark® Program, which defined the top performance metrics, focus, skills, motivation and attributes required for top performance in the role. These programs established the foundation for targeted recruitment, selection, and performance development of the sales organization.

“In today’s marketplace it is challenging, though critically important, to hire the “right” sales professionals who FIT the role, the company culture, and the customers. Developing targeted recruitment, selection and retention strategies helps company leadership attract, interview and assess candidates to effectively select, develop, and retain top performing sales organizations.”
Ty Swain, CEO Growth Dynamics

Transforming the Sales Team
Today, many sales teams are comprised of long-standing team members with exceptional knowledge that struggle to adapt how they sell in a new and dynamic marketplace. By engaging the sales team in the process to define top performance, they become aware of what the role requires for success. To support their sales team, Shuttleworth also provided the sales team with the opportunity to complete the GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment®, which allowed each team member to see and understand their skills, strengths, and attributes in comparison to the Top Performance Benchmark. Sales leadership is now able to target in on areas for individual and team development to support performance improvement and retention of the sales force.

Sales Team Impact… Growth Dynamics presented the results of these programs at the Shuttleworth Sales Meeting, creating a collaborative, knowledge-sharing experience that included industry trends, recommendations, and solutions to help the team see how they could adapt and change in their role to better navigate a highly competitive and changing marketplace.

The Result… Shuttleworth leadership now has a company-specific process and model to attract, recruit, interview, assess, and select the “right” top performers who FIT the company, culture and customers…and also is armed with information on how to optimize their leadership efforts to improve sales team performance to continue their growth and success in the marketplace.

With over 50 years of expertise in the industry, Shuttleworth has strong brand recognition and is known for its unique advanced slip-torque technology and customized conveyor system and equipment innovations that are versatile, safe, and simple to operate and maintain. As a Pro Mach company, “Powered by Pro Mach,” Shuttleworth’s brand awareness is reinforced throughout the marketplace.

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