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Growth Dynamics Selected to Define Top Performance in Sales for Global Manufacturer, Bonar

DAYTON, Ohio—October 2015 – Bonar, a division of Low & Bonar, selected Growth Dynamics (GDI) to establish a “Picture” of Top Performance in Sales for the Building and Industrial Division using the GDI Sales Team Benchmark® program. As a recognized leader in sales force performance, selection and sales force intelligence solutions, GDI was enlisted by Bonar to develop The GDI Sales Team Benchmark, a comprehensive process and foundation for sales force selection that helps leadership recruit and select the “right” sales team members, while revolutionizing how the current team performs in the role of sales.

Bonar & Growth Dynamics – Partnering for Success…
Low & Bonar is a leading global producer and supplier of high-quality nonwovens, wovens, knitted fabrics, three-dimensional polymeric mats, construction fibers and composites for civil engineering, interior, transportation, construction, agro and industrial applications. As a leader in the marketplace, Bonar recognized that the customer marketplace had changed and so had the role of sales. The leadership team realized they must have a focused strategy to attract and hire a top performing sales organization as well as solutions that help the existing team transform their performance for continued growth and success.

Sales Force Benchmarking, Selection & Development…
By defining Top Performance in Sales, GDI provides leadership with the GDI Sales Team Benchmark®, a comprehensive process to recruit, interview, and select top performers who FIT the company, culture, and customers. The GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® is utilized with candidates as a pre-selection assessment tool and as a developmental tool for current team members to see their strengths, sales skills, and attributes to support training, coaching, and development. GDI’s Sales Force Intelligence Program, SalesMAX®, provided the sales organization with a “voice” to communicate their needs, assess training, support, compensation and much more… while allowing them to offer suggestions & recommendations to improve the company.

The Result…
By engaging the entire sales organization in the effort to define Top Performance in sales and presenting the results to the team at the National Sales Meeting, the leadership of Bonar established the foundation for change and helped the sales organization “see” their strengths, focus on their skills and seek ways to adapt and modify their efforts to be successful. Bonar is now armed with a comprehensive process to build a top performing sales organization.

“Today’s leadership recognizes that the customer has changed… changed how they buy, why the buy and who they will buy from… which is forcing today’s sales force to change how they sell. For the future, leadership must hire the “right sales team – while also transforming how the existing team performs.”
Ty Swain, CEO Growth Dynamics

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