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Growth Dynamics Helps the L.S. Starrett Company Transform the Sales Organization

DAYTON, Ohio—October 2015 – As a global sales force performance analysis company, Growth Dynamics (GDI) was selected to assess, analyze and establish the standard of top performance for the roles of sales and sales leadership at The L.S. Starrett Company, a leading global manufacturer of superior precision measuring tools, metrology equipment, bandsaw blades, hand tool products, and power tool accessories. Starrett’s executive leadership team realized, if they were to continue their growth and success in an ever-changing and competitive marketplace, they needed to select, develop, and retain the “right” sales organization for today and the future.

Sales Force Benchmarking, Selection & Development…
The goal of the GDI Sales Team Benchmark & Analysis® program for The L.S. Starrett Company was to develop a “Picture of Top Performance in Sales and Sales Leadership,” define sales success, and provide a comprehensive process for recruiting, selecting, developing, and leading the “right” sales organization that FITS the company, culture, and customers. The GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® and GDI Sales Leadership Dynamics Assessment® programs are utilized with candidates as a pre-selection assessment tool and as a developmental tool for current team members to see their strengths, sales skills and attributes to support training, coaching, and development.

The Result…Sales Force Transformation – The L.S. Starrett Company utilized GDI’s Sales Team Benchmark Methodology®, GDI’s SalesMAX® Sales Force Intelligence Survey, and GDI’s Sales and Sales Leadership Dynamics Assessment® Programs to define top performance in sales, provide the sales organization with a “voice” to offer ideas and suggestions, and assess the strengths of the sales and sales leadership teams. Results of these programs were presented to the sales organization at the National Sales Meeting to advance role awareness of top performance and how to focus and adapt their efforts to support performance improvement and success…arming Starrett with the tools and solutions to transform the sales organization to maintain their position as a world-class leader in the marketplace.

“We needed to understand the strengths of our sales organization and we needed a better overall process to recruit, interview, and hire the right sales force. GDI also helped us to engage our sales team to transform how they see and perform in their role in a competitive marketplace.”
Tony Aspin, Vice President of Sales
The L.S. Starrett Company

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