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Growth Dynamics Establishes World-Class Sales Team Selection & Analysis Program For Quality Mill Supply Company, Inc.

DAYTON, Ohio — Growth Dynamics, Inc. (GDI) recently completed its Sales Select® & Sales Team Analysis® programs for Quality Mill Supply, Co., Inc. (Quality Mill Supply). As a leading wholesale distributor of MRO supplies, Quality Mill Supply selected Growth Dynamics to support the targeted selection, retention and development of top sales performers to optimize growth in the marketplace.

Quality Mill utilized GDI’s Sales Select® Methodology, GDI’s Sales Team Analysis®, and GDI’s SalesMAX® Sales Force Intelligence Survey to define top performance in sales and help sales leadership assess the strengths of their existing sales team. GDI’s SalesMAX program provided the sales team with a “voice” to offer ideas and suggestions that support growth and help leadership better understand how to optimize their performance in the field. The Result…GDI’s sales leadership solutions provide Quality Mill Supply with comprehensive programs to attract, interview, assess and select sales professionals who FIT the company, culture, customer and sales performance expectations at Quality Mill Supply. Results of GDI’s solutions allow the executive leadership team to recruit and select the right top performers, improve sales team performance, and optimize leadership efforts to lead the existing team. Growth Dynamics presented the results of these programs at the Quality Mill Supply National Sales Meeting, creating a collaborative, knowledge-sharing experience for the sales team that included industry trends, leadership recommendations and sales force optimization solutions to help the team see how they need to adapt and change in their role to better navigate a highly competitive and changing marketplace.

“We were growing quickly and needed to understand the strengths of our team, as well as have more effective model for sales selection. GDI helped us harness the strengths and performance of our existing team, as well as establish a comprehensive model for sales selection. Now our sales organization is energized and engaged with the knowledge of how the role of sales has changed, and is armed to sell more effectively in a competitive marketplace.”

Mike Baker, President
Quality Mill Supply Co.

As a leading wholesale distributor of MRO supplies, Quality Mill Supply specializes in carbide, cutting tools, abrasives, and metrology and measurements for customers in metalworking, manufacturing, assembly, automotive, and aerospace industries throughout the Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois regional marketplace. Growth Dynamics… Growth Dynamics is a nationally recognized leader of world-class sales force solutions and comprehensive programs that help sales leadership today select, develop, and retain a top performing sales organization.