Growth Dynamics provides proven sales performance solutions that help you select, develop and retain an effective sales organization that fits your company and customers.

Executive Leadership Forum

“Today’s Top Performing Sales Organization”

Dayton, Ohio—August 2013—Growth Dynamics held a highly successful Executive Leadership Forum on Friday, August 23, 2013 for corporate executives in the Dayton and Cincinnati region.  The event, held at the Hilton Garden Inn at Austin Landing, explored how today’s economy, innovation and technology have changed how customers do business…transforming the role of sales.  Ty Swain, CEO of Growth Dynamics presented research and solutions for selection, development and retention of top performers in sales today.   Mr. Swain brings over 25 years of sales and executive leadership experience to the industry.  

Over 40 business leaders registered to attend and learn about solutions and processes to attract, interview and select the “right” sales professionals who FIT their company and customers... AND perform.

“Listening to the presentation by Ty at Growth Dynamics, it is apparent that the sales arena is changing.  As a sales organization we need to address these changes proactively rather than reactively.  Identifying the right candidates for the right sales position is crucial for our continued growth, this is obvious.  What is less obvious is how to go about accomplishing this when there are so many ‘sales professionals’ in the job hunt.  The event I attended whetted my appetite to learn more about how to ensure success when recruiting for new sales positions.”

Christopher J. Nolan,
Vice President & General Manager

Opening remarks about the region’s market growth, employment outlook and importance of hiring and developing the right sales organization to support business retention and growth and drive future market success were provided by Jeff Hoagland, President & CEO, Dayton Development Coalition, and Phil Parker, President & CEO, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Growth Dynamics
For over a decade, Growth Dynamics has been leading the industry in world-class sales force solutions.  GDI’s comprehensive programs provide today’s  leadership with proven processes that integrate the most advanced techniques, tools and solutions to select, develop and retain the right sales force that FITS the role, the company, and the customers.